Leadgate Taskforce March 2017 Update

Leadgate Taskforce is all about taking action and March was a month of taking action

Big Spring Clean 2017 held over 3rd/4th March 30+ people took part plus a class from Leadgate Primary School (Lower School)

Parents and others helped also to clear leaves from outside of the lower school. Then a local business kindly jet washed the pavement

61 bags were collected in all

More litter picks and "hot spot" activites are planned watch out for details

Also Operation Spruce Up have announced they are coming in July 2017

Meetings with other local grouips were held including attending a meeting of the Pont Valley Network some joint work is now being explored

Also links with St Ives Chuch started with a "tour" including seeing the hanging Eden Colliery Banner. Then a group from the church supported the Litter Pick. Thet are also going one of the sites as part of Leadgate Now and Then which is going to form part of the Explore Festival being put on by Land of Oak & Iron.  More details to follow and also a project to help with some improvments in the gtaveyard are also being exlpored

As a follow up to the ongoing local concerms on Dog Fouling Geoffry Knight from  Civic Pride Team at the Council and Paul Anderson from the Neighbourhood Warden Team. More Dog bins and relocation of some of the current ones are being explored. Also new inceased powers come into force from 1 June 2017.

Finally at the Taskforce meeting at the end of March it was agreed to make the Taskforce into a Formal Group , with consitition, commiite and own bank account. More details to follow but this will now allow us to seek funding for future work and projects thankyou


  1. Great update, busy days and the Task Force is gaining momentum.


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